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    • CommentAuthorpencoyd
    • CommentTimeDec 9th 2006 edited
    Welcome to the OpenDNS Forums.

    Forums are a place to discuss OpenDNS services, suggest OpenDNS features and changes, share tips and ideas with other OpenDNS users, and generally discuss anything relevant to OpenDNS.

    These discussions will supplement the OpenDNS Knowledgebase, Support team, and help those of us at OpenDNS learn more from the community, with everyone benefiting from the lessons.

    Posting is reserved for registered OpenDNS members (it's free and fast to sign up). OpenDNS administrators reserve the right to remove, modify, or move any post. (OpenDNS administrators are those who post with an orange 'O' next to their name.)

    If you have a specific question relating OpenDNS VIP or OpenDNS Enterprise then we recommend that you create a support ticket from the OpenDNS Dashboard.

    Many forum topic questions have been already addressed by our FAQs and Knowledge Base: