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    • CommentAuthorzelus
    • CommentTimeSep 4th 2011 edited
    Hello Everyone!

    There are many topics in the forums that have been covered already, including the following. Please consider reading through this post for a possible solution to the issue/question you may have before making a new forum thread.

    #1. If you see an 'Oops!' message at but you would like to start using OpenDNS as a DNS resolver on your network then retrace the configuration steps at:

    #2. If you're a new user and your newly configured filtering options do not appear to be working, do the following:
    1. Go back to the configuration tutorials and ensure that your changed DNS settings were saved properly:
    2. Flush your web browser caches and restart your computer *manually*.
    3. Ensure that your current network external IP address ( is registered in your Dashboard Settings page:
    4. If you're on a Dynamic IP address, download and install an IP Updater client on one of your computers that uses OpenDNS:

    #3. If you see an error message in the Dashboard or in your Dynamic IP Updater client, read this first:
    Following, you may want to open a support ticket, depending on the issue according to the error message:

    #4a. If you're looking for a network-wide per-user or scheduled filtering solution at Home using OpenDNS, please read:

    #4b. For a business or school environment, please contact our sales team:

    #5a. If you would like to filter just one computer on a Dynamic IP network then do the following:
    1. De-configure your router and then only configure the one computer to use OpenDNS:
    2. Flush the web browser caches of the computer and restart it:
    3. Select your content filtering settings:
    4. Install an IP Updater client on the computer that is to be filtered:

    #5b. If you would like just one computer on a Dynamic IP network be completely exempt from configured OpenDNS filtering settings then do the following:
    1. Configure your router and/or all the _other_ computers to use OpenDNS:
    2. Install an IP Updater client on a computer in your network that is using OpenDNS:
    3. Configure the one to-be-exempt computer to use another DNS resolver.
    4. Flush the web browser caches of all of the networked computers and restart them.

    Note: Enterprise customers can use the Blocked Page Bypass feature to exempt a user, and technically a computer, from all network filtering settings while using OpenDNS at the same time.

    #6. If users on your network are circumventing your filtering policies, try one of the following:
    1. Talk to the users in question.
    2. Block the Proxy/Anonymizer filtering category.
    3. Revoke network administrative privileges so they cannot change their DNS settings, and then configure OpenDNS in their DNS settings manually:
    4. Create a rule in your router that forces all outbound DNS traffic to OpenDNS. (This fully depends on whether or not your router supports this feature, some do and some don't.)

    #7. If you come across domains that are not tagged in the OpenDNS Database, see:

    #8. If you're representing a business, school, or non-profit and are interested in OpenDNS' content filtering, Malware/Botnet protection, and network DNS Statistics solutions, we have trials of OpenDNS Enterprise and per-contact pricing plans available:

    #9. If you are a paid subscription customer and are experiencing issues with our services, create a support ticket from within your Dashboard first:

    #10. If you're experience slower download speeds on iTunes or streaming speeds on Youtube as a result of switching DNS providers to OpenDNS then the issue likely resides with the CDNs involved with routing your requested traffic. Open a ticket and we may be able to help:
    • CommentAuthorzelus
    • CommentTimeMay 19th 2012 edited
    #11. If you intend on filtering web content on a registered network but you cannot find the web content filtering settings in your registered network settings then you have likely signed up for the incorrect account type.

    OpenDNS Use At Home:
    If you plan on using OpenDNS at home and also plan on using our web content filtering services, please click the 'Get Started' link under 'Parental Controls' to create an account:

    OpenDNS Use Elsewhere:
    There is not a free web content filtering solution for users whom intend to use our services on a work or school network. Please contact our sales team regarding a filtering solution that's appropriate for your network:

    If you have mistakenly signed up for the wrong account type then please open a support ticket to have it rectified:

    #12. If you have questions or feedback regarding installable* OpenDNS software then please open a support ticket first so we can better track your questions and feedback. Posting bugs in the forums is generally welcome as a way to confirm if another user is seeing the same issue, however, support tickets should be opened first in case of a critical bug or exploit being found so we can swiftly investigate the issue and resolve it.

    OpenDNS software currently in public BETA:
    DNSCrypt for Windows, Mac, and Linux:

    Other installable OpenDNS software:
    OpenDNS Dynamic IP Updater Client:
    OpenDNS Domain Tagging Toolbar for Firefox:

    *Note: Configuration of OpenDNS DNS resolvers in your DNS settings is not installed software, but rather a configuration of existing software like your operating system or your router firmware.

    #13. If you're having trouble generating and viewing accurate DNS Stats data for your registered network then please check the following:
    1. Ensure that Stats is enabled for your network under the Advanced Settings -> Stats and Logs settings for the registered network:
    2. Double check that OpenDNS is the DNS resolver of all the computers/routers on the network: &
    3. Ensure that your registered network IP in your account matches the external IP address of the network assigned by your service provider.
    4. Flush the browser caches of the computers on your network and restart them to flush their DNS resolver caches:
    5. Set the timezone for your account accordingly:

    Also consider that Stats are not all reported in realtime; please allow up to 24hours for a DNS request made on your network to show up in your Stats.

    #14. If you have a question or concern regarding specific or private information pertaining to your account and/or wish to contact OpenDNS staff directly then please open a support ticket from within your OpenDNS Dashboard as the forums are primarily for user-to-user commication of OpenDNS-related topics:
    Thankful People: rotblitz, simbaha2
    • CommentAuthorzelus
    • CommentTimeAug 15th 2012 edited
    #15. Do not post untagged/unverified domains in the forums, this draws attention to them which can lead to users accessing them against their administrators network restrictions.

    If you come across untagged domains that require attention then please do the following:

    1. Submit the domain to Domain Tagging:

    2. Vote on the domain's suggested on it's tag page: <domain here.tld>

    3. Open a support ticket about it following this format:
    The domain <domain here> should be tagged under the <category here> category because <reason here>.

    You can create a ticket with our support team in two locations:

    Any and all posts containing untagged domains are removed without warning by our forum moderators.

    - - - - -

    Everyone, feel free to point new users in the direction of this thread or the knowledge base, if needed. OpenDNS Staff does patrol the forums regularly and will help address any widespread or pressing issues that appear in the forums.

    Note: The Forums are *supplementary* to normal OpenDNS Support.
    Thankful People: rotblitz, simbaha2
    • CommentAuthorwizwar
    • CommentTimeMay 25th 2013
    This is exactly what I needed, love it !!!:shocked:
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    • CommentTimeMay 27th 2013
    Thanks you share with me this nice post ?