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This discussion has been inactive for longer than 30 days, and is thus closed.
    • CommentAuthorjasten_87
    • CommentTimeApr 27th 2012
    i was entered your dns number on my Mikrotik Router and it didn't work
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    What didn't work? Describe what didn't work and what occurs that causes you to reach this conclusion.
    • CommentAuthorjasten_87
    • CommentTimeMay 1st 2012
    i was entered DNS number to close all porn site but the sites still open
    • CommentAuthorccboe
    • CommentTimeMay 1st 2012
    you have to change the servers your clients (machines are using)

    if the clients point to your mikrotik box and your mikrotik forwards to opendns then it should work.
    • CommentAuthorrotblitz
    • CommentTimeMay 1st 2012 edited
    Post (copy & paste) the complete plain text output of the following commands here:
    (Trailing dots are part of the commands!)
    nslookup -type=txt
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    Which DNS numbers? OpenDNS or Family Shield?

    If OpenDNS, did you configure the filtering at your Dashboard after adding a Network?

    Did you flush your caches?

    You have to say the steps you took and what exactly is showing you that something (filtering or DNS) isn't working, or we just play guessing games and twenty questions with each new person posting in the forum.

    If no one wants to look in the Knowledge Base, the best first place to look is the sticky threads at the top of the forum list, in this case
    Thankful People: zelus

This discussion has been inactive for longer than 30 days, and is thus closed.