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This discussion has been inactive for longer than 30 days, and is thus closed.
    • CommentAuthordnscrack
    • CommentTimeMay 16th 2012
    I'm working with a Linksys E2500 router and a Windows 7 machine.

    I have configured the router to the OpenDNS addresses.
    I follow the instructions on how to configure the DNS address for my wireless.

    When I do 'ipconfig /all' the DNS server address would not be correct.

    I then followed this:

    But still... the DNS server address is not correct.

    I've done a couple of things in an ordered sequence:
    ipconfig /release
    ipconfig /renew
    ipconfig /flushdns
    ipconfig /all

    DNS server address is incorrect.

    In the router configurations there is a release/renew button.
    As soon as I press these and then do 'ipconfig /all' the DNS server address ARE CORRECT.

    But as soon as I do an 'ipconfig /all' the DNS server address ARE INCORRECT!!

    The DNS server address keeps resetting and not holding the OpenDNS values.

    Any suggestions?
    • CommentAuthorrotblitz
    • CommentTimeMay 16th 2012
    What does INCORRECT mean? And what is CORRECT after your opinion?
    Also not sure what item in forum thread 11313 you refer to.

    Btw, your router has three DNS fields. Did you know?
    Fill them all! You have the choice of and

    This is unfortunately *not* outlined in OpenDNS' instruction for your router:
    Staff who stumble over this may get this corrected...
    Thankful People: dnscrack
    • CommentAuthordnscrack
    • CommentTimeMay 16th 2012 edited
    Thanks for the suggestions.

    After configuring the router and wireless adapter I then do 'ipconfig /all'.
    The DNS server listed is not CORRECT in the sense that the address does not match any of the 208.67. . I configured for.

    So when I say INCORRECT, that is what I mean.
    And when I say CORRECT, it is the opposite of INCORRECT.

    The most relevant problem is #2 on the forum

    The router has three DNS fields, which are filled:

    The wireless adapter per the instructions has two DNS address:

    Once I insert those DNS address into the wireless adapter and exit then do
    'ipconfig /all' those DNS addresses do not show up.

    If I go back to my wireless adapter and check the DNS addresses, they are not there.

    Any idea why this happens?
    • CommentAuthorrotblitz
    • CommentTimeMay 16th 2012 edited

    No, use one of the two I listed above. This address does most likely not respond to DNS requests.

    Well, I know the meaning of CORRECT and INCORRECT, but I doubt you are aware what is correct in this context.

    Correct DNS server IP addresses to be seen with "ipconfig /all" would be your router's or those configured on the router, or the ones manually configured on the computer, depending on if your computer uses DHCP or not. You didn't say by now what "incorrect" IP addresses you see, so we are not in the position to comment, not at all.

    "The most relevant problem is #2 on the forum"

    Then post the complete plain text output of the following command:
    nslookup -type=txt

    "The wireless adapter per the instructions has two DNS address:"

    Is this manually or automatically via DHCP?

    "If I go back to my wireless adapter and check the DNS addresses, they are not there."

    Pure Windows does not lose settings, especially not with DHCP disabled. You may run such a "helpful connection assistent" which tends to change your TCP/IPv4 settings as it wants, not as you want. Get rid of such stuff!

    Btw, the best you can do with your router is to flash it with an alternative firmware of the DD-WRT likes.
    • CommentAuthorknibbs
    • CommentTimeMay 29th 2012
    Did you ever find a solution to this? I also have a linksys E2500. I have added the static DNS in two of the slots. But when I try to re-use one of the two IP's or in the third DNS slot it will just reset to when I try to save. Very frustrating.
    • CommentAuthorrotblitz
    • CommentTimeMay 29th 2012
    If you read thoroughly, you would have seen:
    "Fill them all! You have the choice of and"

    No reusage is needed. You have up to six OpenDNS resolver addresses available.

    Should be enough...

This discussion has been inactive for longer than 30 days, and is thus closed.