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This discussion has been inactive for longer than 30 days, and is thus closed.
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    Lately I've been receiving the following event error in Win XP. I have been using Open DNS for years with no problems. The error reads:

    Source: DHCP

    Your computer was not able to renew it's address from the network (from the DHCP server) for the network card with network address 0014223BF44F. The following error occured:

    The semaphone timeout period has expired. Your computer will continue to try and obtain an address on it's own from the network address (DHCP) server.

    I have checked my address in my TCP/IP connection. I have a static IP address. Nothing has changed. I can connect to the 'net but it takes a long time. Nothing in search seems to answer this.

    Thank you.
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    Had you set a static IP address on your computer without configuring this at the router? No reason a computer with a static IP should be looking for an IP unless the IP is invalid, or network config is somehow borked.

    You are unlikely to find much about it in search here, as this, as described, isn't a DNS issue.
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    • CommentAuthorrotblitz
    • CommentTimeJul 14th 2012
    If you have configured a static IP address for your computer, this must be outside the DHCP range of your router and must be unique, i.e. not being used otherwise already.
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    Thank you. It's the same static IP that I had since I had the service and used it years ago to set up Open DNS. Thanks for trying. I think, maybe, the IP address is invalid.

    Thanks again.
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    The answer. Though network was configured properly with the address, at command prompt there was nothing. I had to release and renew the IP address at command prompt.

    Though it's not an Open DNS issue, I came here since I use open DNS thinking that something might be in conflict or have changed. So, for anyone with DHCP issues, call the IP or use cmd then ipconfig and see what's there.

    Thanks again.
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    • CommentAuthormrkriegar
    • CommentTimeJul 16th 2012
    Sounds like a modem reboot was necessary

This discussion has been inactive for longer than 30 days, and is thus closed.