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This discussion has been inactive for longer than 30 days, and is thus closed.
    • CommentAuthorjuhrom
    • CommentTimeAug 3rd 2012
    I went to a website which didn't load. I was sent to an OpenDNS page of adverts and related searches. I pressed the Why am I here link and got this:

    Why am I here?
    You are seeing this page because the website you tried to visit isn't working.
    We've provided search results to help you. Feel free to search for something more specific if we didn't find what you were looking for.
    If you believe the website you tried to visit should work, you can check using CacheCheck, or retry the website.
    More questions?
    Read the FAQ, visit the forums, or send feedback.

    How do I opt out of this page? I'm using opendns instead of comcast because I don't like the privacy implications of being tracked everywhere I go. Can I opt out of this very unwanted 'feature' or do I get it regardless of my wishes?

    Angry User
    • CommentAuthorzelus
    • CommentTimeAug 3rd 2012 edited
    Hi juhrom,

    You can disable NXDOMAIN redirection for your network* ** if you do the following:

    1. Register your network:
    2. Disable Typo Corrections for the registered network under Advanced Settings.
    3. If you're on a Dynamic IP, use an IP updater so your settings follow your network, even if your IP changes:
    4. Flush your web browser caches and DNS resolver caches, in case any OpenDNS Guide results are still cached in your browser and DNS data is cached on your computer:

    *For OpenDNS Basic accounts, this will disable all ability to use our content filtering services.

    **We offer the ability to turn off the OpenDNS Guide and NXDOMAIN redirection without restriction in all of our paid account services, such as OpenDNS VIP ( and OpenDNS Enterprise (

This discussion has been inactive for longer than 30 days, and is thus closed.