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    I have set up openDNS successfully (sort of) however I could not change the preferred/alternate DNS servers for my netgear router. I know how to do it on my computer and android device simply enough, and when I do that the filtering works well, however there are often different devices joining my network and I want the filter to apply to them as well.

    I am sure there is a way to apply it to all devices on the network but when I look at my router gateway there doesn't appear to be any place to input the openDNS settings. Could this just be a problem with my router (it was only bought a month ago and I figured all modern routers would have this capability), or am I missing something.

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    What Netgear router? Was it provided by an ISP or no? For either, a direct link to the support page for the router would help. (The software and hardware revision/version numbers will help if the page isn't version-specific.)

    But I haven't seen a Netgear that you can't configure both the LAN and WAN/internet DNS settings. So, how was it that you could not change the DNS IPs? You couldn't find them at all, as in your second paragraph, or another problem?
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    Yeah, I think it was provided by Telstra, though I'm not too sure, my dad handles all that, I also don't know the model number etc, and I don't have the box.

    But I suppose the main problem is that I couldn't find the DNS IPs at all, is it supposed to be in the NETGEAR gateway thing?

    As you might be able to guess I am a bit of a retard with this.
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    Sorry, I should clarify, I can see the Primary and secondary DNS IPs though I can't find a way to edit them.
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    • CommentAuthorrotblitz
    • CommentTimeAug 18th 2012
    Is your Netgear router significantly different from this?
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    See the reference rotblitz posted - it would be the one that you would normally see when walking through initial setup at the site if you chose "router" and then "netgear".

    There is probably a router page on which the addresses are displayed, as well as a page on which to edit such, for which you would have to be able to log in with the administrator password for the router. It is possible, though, that the ISP removed functionality in their version of the device.

    Which looks likely, now:
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    Thanks for the replies, yes I did have a look at that tutorial, though it didn't really help as I could not find the 'page on which you edit stuff'. So I guess the ISP has decided to be annoying, assuming this is the case, is manually setting the DNS IPs the only option (besides acquiring a new router)?

    I suppose I can setup an access list of specific mac addresses, and only add the new devices once I have changed the DNS settings on the particular device, though these can be easily changed back, but at least it's something, even if it is a lot more work for a worse result. If I were to do this would the devices need to change these settings again when they connect to a different network?

    On a slight side note I noticed that in order to set the DNS IPs on an android device you need to set the IP address to static (at least for my one which is pretty old), is this likely to cause any problems with other networks?

    Thanks again.
    • CommentAuthorrotblitz
    • CommentTimeAug 18th 2012
    "is manually setting the DNS IPs the only option (besides acquiring a new router)?"

    If you don't use the special features offered by this ISP ("in Telstra's case where it would impact their content delivery, unmetered content etc", see the link posted by @maintenance), you can consider to download the original firmware from Netgear's website and flash the router with it.

    "If I were to do this would the devices need to change these settings again when they connect to a different network?"

    Of course, they likely would, else they may not get DNS at all which looks like having no network connectivity.

    "on an android device you need to set the IP address to static (at least for my one which is pretty old), is this likely to cause any problems with other networks?"

    Certainly, the same as for the other question. There's a big risk to not get network connectivity, or even to break the network connectivity of other devices if the particular IP address is already in use.

    Configuring special network parameters is not feasible for roaming devices. Especially, OpenDNS is for *your* networks, not for your devices in other networks.
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    You wouldn't happen to have a non-ISP router behind the ISP gateway, would you? If you do, you may configure that.
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    • CommentAuthorkbourke
    • CommentTimeAug 18th 2012
    Can someone please help me - I wish to ensure that my credit card will not be billed in 12 months time and I can't find where to do this
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    How easy is it to flash a router and what adverse effects are associated with it, this will sound noobish but can you 'brick' a router if you stuff it up? And would Telstra get angry if I were to do it, assuming they can detect it and are bothered to do anything about it.

    I don't have another non-ISP router, and when you say "behind the ISP gateway" what do you mean by that, like a bridged connection or something?
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    By the way, the router model is Netgear CG3000, and the one in the link that maintenance posted was CG3100, and both were provided by Telstra.
    I thought I might include that to help similar problems like this in the future.
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    # kbourke
    Instead of asking such a question in a user forum, in an unrelated thread, you should open a support ticket.

    But last I knew, subscription is reoccurring until you cancel.
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    Flashing a router is easy, and you should be able to flash back to the original firmware if it doesn't work with Telstra. Does anyone use non-Telstra-provided gateways to connect to Telstra? If so, it shouldn't matter what the firmware is.

    Of course, you would have to be able to get the Telstra firmware to reinstall it. Always make sure you have it or have a way to get it first.

    Also make sure to write down whatever connection information you need to connect log in to your ISP. (Usually under "broadband connection".)

    Telstra would certainly no longer support the router with the non-Telstra custom Netgear firmware installed. And if something were to fail physically in the router, and you couldn't restore the original firmware, they probably wouldn't touch it unless there is no way for them to access the router and see the different firmware.

    As far as another router, yes, bridged or not bridged, between your LAN and the Telstra gateway.
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    Well thanks for everyone's help, I think I'll just get another router as I know my dad doesn't like me tinkering too much with stuff if it voids warranty etc.
    • CommentAuthorrotblitz
    • CommentTimeAug 19th 2012 edited
    You should be aware of some disadvantage when using OpenDNS in Australia or around.

    As you are very far away from any OpenDNS server location, you may be facing problems with web content provided through CDNs. These almost feed their location specific DNS information to recursive DNS services like OpenDNS, so that you get connected to servers close to the OpenDNS location being used, not close to your location.

    This can lead to things like you can't watch certain videos or listen to music etc, or pages strangely do not load or do not load completely but time out.

This discussion has been inactive for longer than 30 days, and is thus closed.