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This discussion has been inactive for longer than 30 days, and is thus closed.
    • CommentAuthoraxiatech
    • CommentTimeJul 6th 2009
    New user to OpenDNS; It blocks access to but does not give a category.
    • CommentAuthorrotblitz
    • CommentTimeJul 6th 2009
    Could be that you are using someone else's settings. Do you have a network configured in your OpenDNS dashboard, and is your IP address in sync there?
    At what page are you landing, when you are blocked from
    Post the URL here.
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    You have visual search engines blocked in your account. You can either unblock that category or add to your Always Allow list on the Settings page in your Dashboard.
    • CommentAuthorrotblitz
    • CommentTimeJul 8th 2009
    Arrgh! I hate people intentionally blocking stuff and then complaining about it being blocked! :devil:
    Being a new user is far no excuse for this.
    Thankful People: Red Prince
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    actually the block page should be coming up and saying it was blocked as Visual Search engines for the user as well..
    I think part of the domain category list is broken a bit as well though..

    as the only 1's it has checked for the network here at the office are adware, drugs,parked domains and Phishing.. yet adult sites are bringing up blocked page(not that I really mind, it's just that they seem to be on but the category list doesn't show them as on)..I have flushed the cache on the Microsoft DNS server and my computer before testing this and still comes up with blocks for nudity/porn on some test sites.....
    semi related to topic...

This discussion has been inactive for longer than 30 days, and is thus closed.